The Growing Relevance of E-Bikes

There is no doubt that e-bikes will continue to be a popular alternative of transportation this 2020 and the years to come. In the bicycle-crazy country of the Netherlands, where there are more bicycles than the human population, the sales of e-bikes are already outnumbering the number of traditional bikes being sold starting from 2018. With what the world is experiencing now, the significance of e-bikes may have become even greater.


Social Distancing Can Be Observed

With the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, public transportation may be one of the industries that will undoubtedly be affected. Buses, trains, cabs, and other means of mass transportation are discouraged because they do not support social distancing. In some countries which are still under lockdown, public transport is not yet allowed until this time. But even if they will soon be on the streets again, having no vaccine for COVID 19 until this time, commuting thorough public transportation may not be advisable yet. This makes the use of e-bikes more relevant now and the years to come.

E-Bikes Are Environment-Friendly

E-bikes do not emit harmful carbon monoxide as motorized vehicles do. This means that they do not add to the pollution of our environment. E-bikes are powered by sustainable and renewable energy, so our carbon footprint is lessened. If all should be using e-bikes, we will surely have better air quality, which is excellent for all the living creatures on earth.

They Support a Healthy Body

We do not have the same health conditions. Some are required not to undergo strenuous activities. E-bikes can be an alternative form of exercise for people, like senior citizens, who tire easily and those who have heart and respiratory diseases. When on pedal-assist mode, e-bikes can give just the right exercise these people need. During these times, when we should keep our body healthy against infections, e-bikes are truly worth investing in.

They Are Enjoyable Travel Options

E-bikes are getting more powerful these days. Do you know that you can hit 28 miles per hour with an e-bike? That pretty fast and is because e-bikes are getting better and better. The batteries are improved, and the overall makeup of e-bikes is now sturdier and more beautiful. It may be more enjoyable to ride on it too.…

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