Fall In Love With These Types Of Coffee

Everyone loves a cup of coffee. It is a known natural stimulant to help keep you up. Everybody starts their day by having their favorite coffee, and other multitudes of reasons these people do so daily. The caffeine in coffee helps to get the blood moving and makes them feel energized. Shift workers and early morning workers rely on their coffee to help them get through their workday.
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Coffee has also become a popular social drink. Some people bond over a cup of coffee. Some drink coffee as their way to relax and calm their nerves. Studies say that the calming effect on the stimulation of the senses which aids in creativity and mental stimulus, which in turn helps soothe some people down.

Types of Coffee Beans

arabica robusta liberica
Arabica Beans

Arabica beans are the most popular and produce up to 60% of the world’s coffee production. It has a strong flavor and has lower acidity than any other beans. Arabica coffee is recognized as superior to Robusta because of its delicate flavor. This type of coffee bean is cultivated at higher altitudes and can be more complicated and expensive to grow.

Robusta Beans

Next to the Arabica as commonly used beans, is Robusta. Robusta beans has more caffeine than Arabica beans. These are usually cultivated in Africa and Indonesia. They are easier to grow than Arabica beans because they can grow in low or high altitudes. The product tends to be stronger and more bitter due to the results that roasting has on Robusta beans. However, they are excellent for producing espresso shots because of their bold flavor. This type of bean tastes better when you add milk and sweeteners.

Different Types of Roasts

light medium dark

Light roasts give the lightest, most fine flavors and can be more acidic because there is less of a roasted flavor. High-quality beans or varietals with very distinct characteristics are often roasted light to let the original taste to remain outstanding. These beans will look dry, as the bean has not been heated to the point where the oil is extracted.


Medium-roasted beans will have a chocolate brown appearance, dry outside, and a full taste. These coffee beans will have lighter acidity than mildly roasted beans and a lightly sweet, toasty gusto. Because of the balanced flavor and acidity, this is the most popular roast within the significant commercial coffee market.


Dark-roasted coffee is roasted until the sugars start to caramelize, and the oils begin to rise to the outside of the bean. Depending on the roast, the bean may have a bit shiny or an oily appearance. The characteristic of dark-roasted beans is strong, smoky, and sometimes spicy. The roasted flavor overpowers the original character of the bean, and therefore lower quality beans are often used for darker roasts. Although these roasts have low acidity, they are often described as bitter.…

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