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Three Ingenious Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Saving electricity is not only an act of prudence but also environmentalism. Humans have overpopulated Earth for some time now, and it equals a spike in energy needs. Imagine if everyone uses power lavishly. Air pollution will get worse, and the limited resources we take for power plants will run out too. 

You may think that the world has moved from fossil fuels to renewables. However, the reality is quite bleak. Mainly because of politics and corporation interests, we still have some coals and fossil fuels for electricity, especially in Asia. 

Therefore, it has become a necessity for all house owners to know the efficient ways to save electricity at home.

Install a Solar Panel

a solar panelSolar panels are widely available these days. With only a few clicks on Google, you’ll see how affordable solar power has been mass-produced and become feasible for residential use. To turn your house into a fully solar-reliant unit will indeed cost you a big amount of money. A large system with 8kW will charge you around $30,000, while the average one (4kW) is about $15,000. And those fees still do not include the maintenance. 

The alternative will be to get a solar panel for specific functions at home. For example, water heaters take a significant amount of electricity to run. If you convert your heating system into the solar-based one, you’ll save your electricity bill for sure. 

Keep the Insulation in Check

house insulationAir conditioning takes more than 70% of household energy consumption. And if the insulation system at your home is worn out and has become inefficient, that percentage can certainly increase exponentially. You need to know too that no matter how technologically advanced your aircon is, the insulation quality still plays a major part in keeping the indoor temperature as desired.

Therefore, schedule a professional audit for your house’s insulation. Start from the roof, windows, doors, and end with the flooring.

Adopt Energy-Saving Habits

After you understand how to improve the external factors that can affect energy consumption at home, it has come the time to reflect on your habits. For instance, you can save more electricity by simply keeping your fridge full. If you leave it empty, it will require more energy for maintaining the cold temperature.

When you cook, make everything as efficient as possible. For example, it is better to make stock in a large quantity and reheat it later than to prepare it only when you need it. Also, be wise with the heated water use. You don’t have to wash your clothes with warm water every day, you know?

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